Songwriting with John Spillane
11:00 to 13:00

Booking for this workshop is essential, and can be made at reception at The Moat Theatre. 045 883030

“At my song writing workshops we actually write songs. Having attended a few workshops where the participants play their songs to be criticised by experts who talk down to them, I was inspired to invent a novel approach, where we all sit down and write a finished song in one session. This teaches many lessons, including finishing things, which is often a big problem for writers. I create a space where all negativity, all criticism and judgment are locked outside.

• We get down and dirty and write songs. First we write words. Then we assemble them in a certain order, using the tricks of the trade, verse, chorus, repetition, rhyme etc. Then we sing them and we have a song.
• I try to come behind people and help them lose whatever inhibitions and fears they may have about writing songs.
• Positivity is the key, and this can be applied to other parts of life also.
• Anyone who signs up for my song writing workshop should be prepared to sing, it doesn’t matter at all how good or bad a singer you think you are!
• For the Naas Song Writing Workshop, we will all write a short simple song, just to get everyone believing.
• Storytelling in the song, we will examine and enjoy the Irish ballad tradition and see how a story may be told in a song, how the music can heighten the action.
• We will look at the magical chemical reaction that happens when words and music meet.
• Each participant will pick a theme and write one serious ballad which can be perfected later in their own time.
• The aim is to have a lot of fun, write a lot of words and music, move quickly and not get bogged down.